Sock Puppet Guild Photo Album
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Olde Sockeye

Chippee Sock

Leading Socks 

Olde Sockeye comes to us from the 'legitimate theatre', with such leading roles behind him as King Argyle, Hammertoe Harry, and of course that ever popular Miracle on 45th Stich, in which he played Santa Sock.
He enjoys playing Harriman Nelson aboard the 'Sockview', though he's been campaigning for more dramatic stories.

Sock It To Me, well known  from both the 'legitimate' (and illegitimate) theatre is best known as a romantic lead with such varied roles as 'Shersock Holmes of Purl Street', Mr. Cable Goes to Washington', 'The Cantersock Ghost', and the never to be forgotten 'Witness for the Prosockution.'. He is also well known for the off off Broadway production of 'Plan One Hundred and Eleven Knit Purls From Outer Space'.
While he enjoys playing Lee Crane,  he urges every author he can find to add some romantic ladies to the further adventures aboard the Sockview.

Leading Supporting Socks
Chippee Sock is a well known supporting sock with accolades for his part as Sir Stockingnet in 'The Six Socks of Henry 8th', and as a cowsock in 'Sockless Burke'.
Chippee is a laid back thespian and while appreciative of  more well rounded characterizations for his role as Chip Morton, he's happy to have been placed under contract with the guild and enjoys working on the weekends teaching student thespians  at the Act Sock Studio.
Sock A Luscious, romantic supporting sock as Lola Hale, is a relative newcomer to the theatre, having earned recognition of her acting talents as a high school cheerleading sock.
She's well on her way to bigger and better parts.

Sock It To Me

Sock A Lucious