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About Me

Hello there,

Thank you for having a peek to find out a bit about me, “Gennie Seaview” .
First of all I would like to thank Carol for her wonderful “Seaview Stories” site and for accepting me on it. Thank goodness for the internet finding it, it’s so good to find out there are still loyal fans (old and new), who love ‘Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea.’
I had never seen fan fiction sites until recently and it is great to read everyone's stories, the way they visualise the characters beyond what we see on the show and giving depth to them, but keeping the individual traits they have

If you have any any feedback on a story, please feel free to email me at . I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Finding Seaview Stories has given me the spark to start writing stories again, (which I loved to do when I was younger, both original and ones based on my three favourite TV shows as I grew up… 1..Voyage, 2..Lost In Space and 3.. the original 1970s “The Tomorrow People”). I find writing stories very therapeutic and a great hobby. Borrowing the characters from ‘Voyage’, allows me to give my idea of how I would of developed them and sometimes adding new characters.
Some of my stories will be set in the present and some in the original era, it will depend on my story idea, so I hope people won’t mind, but I hope I keep true to the values set in Voyage, that good will always win and you should always do the right thing.

I have recently purchased a first edition (1961) of the original paperback of Voyage by Theodore Sturgeon and was surprised to read that Chip as having glossy black hair in it, though of course the book was based on the film and we know Chip did not feature in that. I think the series casting was just perfect. It also says about Lee and Chip being roommates and classmates at the academy, joining the submarine service together and also always being one and two. I personally love the friendship between Lee and Chip. The way Chip often comes out with something funny and says it so straight faced, and in a deadpan voice to Lee, but his eyes are twinkling with mischief. Robert and David had great comic timing. The same with Richard Basehart, Irwin Allen struck gold with his crew of Seaview.

It’s hard to choose a favourite episode, but “Submarine Sunk Here” and “Escape From Venice”, are two that always come straight to mind. I love them all, but agree with most that seasons 1 and 2 had the best and more serious storylines. But the cast carried the less serious stories of seasons 3 and 4, they always were professional and acted their best, even with a somewhat dubious plot.

I have loved Voyage ever since it very first aired over here in the sixties, there was just something so unique about it that caught my imagination as a child. I also (though didn’t know it at the time, of course) had my very first crushes on Lee and Chip :). It wasn’t until the mid 70s and Voyage was repeated that I sat goggle eyed once again as a teenager, that my Mum told me I had that look in my eyes again that I had as a five year old:); (especially seeing it when it when it went to colour in series two, David and Robert’s eyes are mesmerizing). Our tv magazines had pics of David and Robert in them to introduce Voyage to a new generation of fans and they soon went up on my wall next to my Donny ones. The last time Voyage was aired on terrestrial tv here was the mid/late 80s or maybe very early 90s (if my memory serves me correct). At least now I have the box set and can watch our motley crew whenever I wish over and over.

Through Voyage I had two childhood dreams stem from it, to go down in a sub and have a go at scuba diving. As a teen I got to go aboard an active navy sub to look around during a navy base open day. I was in heaven, even got to look through the periscope. It was well worth queuing for well over two hours to go aboard.

It took me till 2011 in the Caribbean to actually go on a sub and dive to a depth of 150 feet and yes it had a glass nose ;). You have probably guessed it was one of the tourist subs. When I heard our captain say to the control he was preparing to dive, it was so very hard for me not to shout out;

“Prepare to dive. Take her down Mr Morton”.
“All dive”, “Dive, dive, dive."
O, I so really, really wanted to, it was all I could do to keep quiet, if my friend had dared me I probably would of done:). It was good to hear the control boat say to the captain he could dive the boat and what did the captain say…”Confirm, dive, dive, dive”. At that point in my mind I was on Seaview and it was Lee and Chip in command, I was on cloud nine. I was lucky enough to go down in a sub again in 2012 in Egypt and also have a go at scuba diving there. Never as a child watching Voyage did I ever think that I would go down in a sub or try scuba diving. I am so proud of my certificate to say I have been on a dive in a submarine.
Away from Voyage I enjoy reading mainly psychological thrillers (James Patterson, Mary Higgins-Clark and Scottish author Ian Rankin (Rebus tv series) and sci fi, Arthur C. Clarke was the first sci fi author I read as a child.

Current tv shows I enjoy are the CSI franchise, especially the original and NCIS, JAG (that only came to terrestrial tv here last year), Hawaii Five O (new and old). I also enjoy paranormal shows, my favourite being “Most Haunted” and I have done many ghost walks in London and Edinburgh.

I also enjoy photography and volunteering. I had never volunteered before until London 2012 at the Olympics. I loved it and now do it regular and I have been part of many wonderful events big and small, and done things I never thought I would do, including being a Zombie, (even had to go to Zombie school and luckily I passed, don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted :);). I take my hat off to actors who do Zombie parts, it is a lot harder than you may think, especially doing for four or five hours! I have made some wonderful friends through vollying and I would recommend it to anyone.

My favourite sport to watch is figure skating, which I have loved since I was a little girl and followed all the big competitions until they went to Sky TV, so I have to wait for the Olympics to see it live and watch postings on YouTube for others. The only sport I really don’t like or watch is football, I have never enjoyed watching it. When the World or Euros are on and we are inundated with it, it is a good time to binge watch my box sets or stick a film on. Not keen on cricket or golf, but they are tolerable.

Well if you haven’t fallen asleep by now, I will thank you for getting to the end.
Happy Voyaging,
Gennie Seaview.