The Kibble Chronicles

'My Life as a Dog' by Lee B. Crane
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
The Kibble Chronicles Chapter Two

The Kibble Chronicles is in four parts.
1. The Kibble Chronicles themselves are divided into chapters.
2. 'My Life as Dog' by Cdr. Lee Crane

Author's note: Original screen caps I used to contrive further that were not my own are courtesy of Gail R.

*One cap is contrived from the BBC's Merlin series.

The Kibble Chronicles
by Carol aka 'Catfish' Foss

~Chapter One~

~Once Upon a time, on a submarine far, far away~

Lt. Cdr. Morton: "I'm sorry, sir.I'm sure it's nothing.He's had these kibble fits before, you know. Ever since that Man Beast incident.An acquired taste, I think. But this time it seemed to start shortly after you both visited that widowed lady friend of yours in Norway..."

~Not too long before...~

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