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Angie's additions to Claire's file for the story 'Claire's Heartache' below:

Name: Young, Claire

Age: 32

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Brown

Residence: Santa Barbara

Citizenship: Dual - British, American

Position: Personal Assistant. Assigned to Adm. Nelson. Not adverse to working aboard Seaview. Reliable.

Family: None listed.

Spouse: None listed. Married to job. * Aren’t we all?

Interests/Hobbies: Enjoys driving, assisting with scientific experiments.


Personal Observations:


Miss Young is very loyal, reliable, and efficient.

Has a good sense of humor.

Is called 'Sister' by some of the crewmen.

Respects everyone.

Very pleasant.


She is distracted from the job at times when day dreaming about Cmdr. Crane, and would walk over hot coals for him.



Favorite episode: The Human Computer

The Human Computer