Pat's Sewing Corner

By way of introduction:

I'm a 58-year-old lifetime VTTBOTS (and Chip!) fan, living in Tucson, AZ. After 40+ years of working, volunteering, and raising two sons, I'm now free to indulge myself in gardening and my interests, which include reading fanfics, drawing cartoons, and sewing. I'm not a trained cartoonist nor seamstress, but I'm too stubborn to let that stop me. 

Squid Corner

These squid 'stuffie dolls' that I sewed together are based on Kim Q's   great cartoon creations at Kim's Plot Squid Net. Many many thanks to Kim's wonderful creativity that inspired me to sew these!

All of the stuffies are made from fleece.  The eyes & eyebrows are made separately, and the grins, smiles, and tentacle rings are hand-painted with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint.

I made little mouths out of scraps to "test-drive" expressions & sizes, then drew & painted on permanent features.

Squid on the sofa

Their eyes are upon you!

Nelson's eyes

Chip's Eyes

Supply List


Chip's Ring

In progress, I'm also working on my winter blanket, loosely based on Kim's adorable Squid Tales...Keep in mind, pieces are rough-cut on this; some pieces are just scraps, and there will be a lot more tentacles, legs, and details when I actually get sewing.  This was just so I could gauge how I wanted to set things up, and so I have a guideline, because I forget ideas rather quickly.  I will eventually applique the squid pieces first (legs, eyes, & accoutrements), and hand-applique the whole squids to the pieced blanket.  Then I will go over everything with the sewing machine, add detailing (and ranks), and stitch them all down. 

DEC 2015

The boys decided the wine rack  was perfect for sledding, even if the Christmas Tree got in the way!


Doc's Eyes

Lee's Eyes

Chip has a supply list on his clipboard. Just like real XO's, he's in charge of procurement.

Lee's Left Tentacle

Chip has a golden wedding ring,(see left) though you can't see it from the posed position on the sofa. So here you can take a close up peek.

Preliminary 'On the Beach' Blanket


Keep your tentacles inside the ride, boys! And no harassing the Pikachu Santa!

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