Green Thumbs or Not-Carol aka Catfish update for Fall 2013

Well, my baby mini African Violets are growing so well, they'll soon outgrow their container! Just a good location  I guess!

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving and as mentioned before, I read that adding a few Epsom Salts to the roots of Christmas Cactus would aid in helping them to bloom even if mine haven't bloomed for years, except for a surprise blossoming earlier in the year.
And you know what? It apparently worked. First, I just had some white blooms, and now red blooms have appeared...hopefully by Christmas they'll be awash in color...







It seems as though the Epsom Salts worked. Not all of the Christmas Cactus' are blooming but for these which haven't bloomed for years suddenly are, well,  I think I'll be adding the Epsom miracle cure each year!